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Tank lining for HydraStone began almost 20 years ago as a unique business that consisted of applying a specialty cement based lining to the inside of industrial sized Domestic Hot Water Tanks.

At that time many companies in related industries were approached to fix or reline these tanks. Unfortunately, most contractors simply didn’t know how to repair or replace the original cement liner from the factory installed many years earlier and in most cases caused more damage than good.

Over the next 10 years, a team of professionals was formed to create HydraStone, including the first original tank liner in Canada, bringing with him a great deal of experience. After lining hundreds of tanks and inspecting a thousand more, it became obvious what works and what doesn’t. The Alkrete Liner, with a 40 year history became our most sought after lining material and was eventually acquired by HydraStone in the 2005 and certified to CSA, NSF – 61 standards.

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What We Do

HydraStone relines hundreds of tanks annually, including Domestic Hot Water Storage Tanks, Fire Water Storage Tanks and virtually any potable water storage vessel with access. We manufacture and supply the Alkrete lining material for other certified tank lining companies and for major tank manufacturers throughout Canada and the United States. We also line and provide Alkrete for all cement lined tanks at the Clemmer SteelCraft Facility in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada’s largest tank manufacturer of this kind. After a relining is completed, each tank is entered into the HydraStone database where it is put on a preventative maintenance and anode replacement schedule.

HydraStone has also become known for Cement Mortar Lining Large Diameter Pipes / Water mains and have successfully completed many kilometers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Similar to Potable water storage tanks, a CSA, NSF – ANSI – 61 Liner was requested for these applications so HydraStone didn’t waste anytime in developing and certifying the HydraKrete – 61 cement liner, designed specifically for lining Potable Water Mains and follow AWWA specifications.

Today HydraStone installs more linings and maintains more tanks of this nature than anyone in the Country. We also complete Water main projects annually with the help of the very best and most experienced field inspectors and liners in the industry.

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