Industries We Serve

Condominium & Apartment Buildings

We repair hundreds of hot water tanks in condominium and apartment buildings across Canada annually.

Hotels & Recreation Centres

If you're a manager of a hotel or recreation centre, and think your tank is in need of maintenance, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Schools & Health Care Facilities

Water tanks at schools and health care facilities cannot afford any downtime. If your water tank is in need of repair or maintenance, contact us, we can help.

Commercial & Manufacturing

If you're business' hot water tank is in need of maintenance or repair, our specialists can help identify the problem and offer a solution.

On-site water tank inspections

HydraStone provides on-site external and internal inspections to determine the condition. From these inspections, we can determine future service requirements to prevent costly tank replacement and ensure each tank lasts the life of the building.

On inspection, here are some of the things we look for:

Data Plate

This is the first place we look on inspection. From here we can determine your tank's age and type, and get a rough idea of the service that's required.

Manway Cover

Believe it or not, this small opening is how we get in and out of your tank. All covers are checked for pressure rating and size in case of replacement. Learn more about Manway cover replacement here.

HydraStone Seal

After servicing your tank, we leave behind a seal with information that helps us monitor the status of your tank. This seal includes your company name, the job completed, who performed it, and when your next due for service.

Inside Lining

This is the most important part of your tank. It's here your hot water is held, and where, if necessary, we apply 'Alkrete' high-quality lining material. In addition to checking the condition of the lining, we look for anode depletion and any structural corroding.

To protect and extend the life of your tank, HydraStone offers a comprehensive program for preventative maintenance. Through scheduled checks, we’ll keep a close eye on the progression of your tank(s) and alert you of any problems before they become serious.

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