Hydrakrete-61 Portable Cement Liner

For many years it has proven difficult for cement lining companies to provide a cement-mortar pipe lining product to satisfy the strict NSF-61 requirements specified by Engineers, Purchasers and their Clients.

In the past, cement coatings companies would either need to be clever and crafty with their explanation of NSF certification or simply have it removed from the requirements altogether. In 2010 HydraStone Inc. introduced the CSA/NSF-61 certified and ANSI/AWWA compliant, high-performance cement lining product called “HydraKrete-61”:

  • Certified to CSA, NSF – ANSI 61 Standards & AWWA Specifications
  • Potable Water Main Lining and Repair
  • Can be hand or machine applied
  • Excellent adhesion to Steel and Concrete Surfaces
  • Offers superior corrosion protection
  • Excellent for Repair / Seam Lining
  • Available in various packaging

At HydraStone, our goal with HydraKrete-61 is not to create a new product but to simply enhance an already long-established and well-known cement lining product that is used by the majority of cement lining companies throughout the world. Utilizing the already ANSI/AWWA compliant sand/cement base mix, and with testing and careful formulating by the HydraStone Team, we have created a product to appease all our clients.

HydraKrete-61 is a high-performance cement lining product designed specifically for lining the potable water mains that provide our faucets with safe, clean drinking water. CSA/NSF-61 and ANSI/AWWA regulations are essential requirements for all components associated with our freshwater systems.

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