Hydrakrete 61

Hydrakrete 61 is a concrete lining certified to CSA - NSF ANSI - 61 standards for potable water applications. Hydrakrete was developed specifically for lining potable water mains and conforms to AWWA specifications which ensures a high-performance lining for potable water mains. HydraStone’s expert applicators can quickly complete joint, patch & repair work very efficiently to eliminate unnecessary downtime.

Autogenous Healing

Autogenous Healing is a natural part of cement lining. When a cement-lined pipe is placed in service and filled with water, two reactions begin immediately. The first is a gradual elimination of the temperature differential between pipe and lining, and the second is the lining begins to absorb water. This process is normal and over time, the lining will tighten and cracks will re-bond. Learn more about autogenous healing here.

Cement mortar Lining vs. Expoxy coating

Cement linings create an excellent corrosion resistant lining for many reasons.  In contrast, epoxy coating or glass-lining is a relatively new lining practice introduced to North America in the 1970s. The chart below outlines the difference between cement mortar lining vs. epoxy coating. 

Autogenous Healing, Calcification

Minimal Preparation

Extremely Low Absorption Rate

Cost Effective

No Self-Healing

Essential and Significant Preparation

Impermeable Barrier

Costs 25-35% More Than Cement Mortar Lining

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