CSA / NSF-61 Certification is important for potable water systems as its the only way to ensure your water is safe and tested against naturally occurring volatile organic compounds, including radionuclides.

HydraStone manufactures and distributes two main cement-based products for hot and cold water applications. Alkrete and Hydrakrete protect water quality, prevent contamination and are the leading cement tank lining products in North America.

Using a product that has been tested by CSA / NSF is the only way to ensure harmful contaminants are not leaching into our drinking water systems that would lead to health concerns. CSA and NSF Standards-61 establishes minimum requirements for the control of potentially adverse human health effects.

To view HydraStone's product listing, please go to www.csagroup.org

Alkrete Potable Liner

Hot Water

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HydraKrete - 61 Potable Liner

Cold Water/Watermain

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