Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Regarding Commercial Hot Water Tanks

I have no hot water in a few units only?
Typically, when the hot water system is running and you are getting no hot water in a few units or on the same riser then the issue is usually an air lock somewhere on that line. Bleed the air out of the system by opening taps, or using the bleeder that is attached to the recirc line.

How often should I have my hot water tank inspected and cleaned?
Unfortunately, there is not a straight answer for this question as water conditions can affect the frequency of these inspections. You should have your hot water tank inspected and cleaned every 1 to 3 years depending on your water conditions and how quickly your sacrificial anodes deplete.

How often should I have my tank relined?
Most factory installed linings come with a 5-year warranty but can be damaged during the shipping / installation process so we recommend an inspection within a year after the tank (s) are put into service. If your tank is relined by HydraStone onsite, then we offer a 15 year warranty / maintenance program for your DHW Tank. Ask HydraStone.

What type of Sacrificial anodes does my tank have?
The size and type of sacrificial anodes you have installed in your hot water tank will typically depend on the tank manufacturer. However, it may also depend on past servicing of your hot water tank. Some companies only carry one or two different types of anodes and will replace your existing anodes with a type that is not recommended by the manufacturer. HydraStone carries numerous sizes and types of sacrificial anodes so we can install the same anodes as the original tank manufacturer recommends.

How long will my hot water be shut off during a tank inspection and cleaning?
Typically, a tank cleaning and inspection will take approximately 4 – 6 hours to complete. However, the inspection times can be extended or reduced depending on the size of the tank. drain and if valves are holding or passing.

How long will my hot water be shut off during a tank relining?
We usually recommend between a 24-30 hour shut down to complete a new lining installation in your DHW Tank. We typically shut down the system at 10 am on Day 1 and return the tank to service by 10 am on Day 2. We recommend the extra time be added to the hot water notices just incase there are any unforeseen issues such as weld repairs or valve replacements needed during that shut down period.

If you have any other questions regarding your Hot Water Storage Tanks, please contact HydraStone Inc. at 1-888-321-8265