How to Fill My Hot Water Tank and Return it to Service

The following steps are a basic guideline only as there are many different types of hot water systems. Whether you have a Horizontal Hot Water Tank or a Vertical Storage Tank, the following basic guide will suit both.

  1. Install the man-way cover complete with a new gasket (do not use dope on the gasket surface)
  2. Close the tank drain
  3. Open the cold-water feed valve at the tank. Only open it approximately ¼ to ½ to fill the tank slowly.
  4. Open either the bleeder on the hot out line, or prop open the pressure relief valve to allow the air to be removed from the tank while your filling.
  5. All other valves attached to the tank should remain closed while filling the tank.
  6. Once the water starts to come out of the bleeder or the relief valve then close them and allow the tank to return to pressure.
  7. Ensure there are no leaks at the man-way cover. If so, you will need to drain the tank again and reseat the man-way cover properly.
  8. If the tank is boiler fed you can open the valves that go to and from the boiler(s) and turn on the boiler pumps.
  9. Slowly open the hot out valve at the top of the tank to pressurize the system
  10. Turn on the boilers or open the valves and pumps for the heat exchanger to heat the water
  11. Attach a hose to the bleeder connected to the recirc pump unless the bleeder is plumbed into the drain.
  12. Leave the valve shut on the recirc line that is closest to the tank and make sure the other valve is open. Bleed the air / water out of the recirc line until you start getting warmer water and all of the air is gone.
  13. Turn off the valve to the bleeder on the recirc line, open the valve on the other side of the pump and turn on the recirc pump.
  14. If you have other recirc pumps or booster heaters on other floors you can go turn them on and bleed the air from those lines as well if possible.
    If after the tank is full and you still have a few areas that do not have hot water in the building you may have an air lock and may need to bleed more air out of the system from the highest point possible.

Hydrastone Inc. Hot Water Tank Services:

  • Tank inventory and assessments
  • Tank inspections and cleaning
  • Sacrificial anode replacements
  • Man-way cover replacements
  • Weld repairs
  • Tank relining
  • Tube bundle cleaning and replacement
  • Repair / replace tank insulation
  • Complete tank replacement

If you would like an assessment completed for your Hot water Storage Tank feel free to visit call our head office toll free at 1-888-321-8265.