Tank Heaters/Tube Bundle and Your Hot Water Tank

It's a typical Monday morning and all is well until half way through your shower, you run out of that nice hot water we're all so accustomed to. What could have happened? Any number of things could have gone amuck, and it's time to call your property manager so they can check the hot water storage tank heater and boiler system.

Most condo or apartment style buildings in Ontario and throughout North America have their DHW (domestic hot water) heated by a tank-type heater. Many of these tanks are heated with a built-in tank heater (tube bundle, heat-exchanger or heating bundle). These tanks not only heat the water to the desired temperature, they also store enough water to ensure the entire building has plenty of hot water for even peak usage times, such as 7:30 Monday morning.

If the heat exchanger fails or springs a leak the buildings hot water supply will be severely hindered. Not to mention it's not safe for the non-potable, boiler water to enter into the potable, DHW system... Vis-versa it is equally important that the domestic (potable) water does not enter into the boiler water system as this will cause decreased boiler efficiency and possibly chemical issues if the boiler water is treated. Either way, the two systems need to be kept separate; therefore it would be highly recommended that the heating bundle/heat exchanger be replace as soon as possible.

HydraStone Inc. is a distributor of high quality S.A. Armstrong tank heaters. Our tank heaters are designed for immersion heating of water in storage tanks. Our units feature 3/4" (19mm) copper tubing, brass tube supports, and carbon steel tube sheet and tank collar. Tubing is available in single or double-wall, copper and 90/10 Cu-Ni. Tubesheets are also available in brass or stainless. These tank heaters are TSSA certified & stamped… watch out for cheap knock-offs.

HydraStone is the difference between clean and corrupt water. We're the difference between a 30hr fix and weeks without hot water. And we're the difference between a job done – and a job done right… the first time.

What separates us most from our competitors is not only what we do; it's what we don't do. We believe in no hidden fees, no deception, and no worries when the job is done. That is our promise to you. Simply put, we identify problems and offer solutions... The best solutions. We've done a lot of jobs, and we know every project is different; but our commitment to integrity and service quality will always be the same. It's our job to get to know your tank – so when we offer advice, you can trust our only agenda is fixing the problem. And that's as far as our sales pitch goes. We won't try to up-sell, down-sell or do any kind of selling. With HydraStone, you choose how to proceed, and we do it.

If you think you might require a new tank heater or have any other issues regarding your DHW storage tank, please feel free to contact us at HydraStone Inc.

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