What We Look For During an Inspection?

Small problems don’t stay small forever and it’s our job to find out if there are any real concerns that need to be addressed inside the tank or hidden behind insulation on the outside. if not maintained properly, all tanks corrode and require repair. It’s inevitable. What we do is minimize the impact of a failing tank through regular inspection, minimal repairs or complete tank relining. This way, we can effectively protect and extend the life of your tank for fractions of the cost to replace it.

HydraStone has been completing on-site tank inspections and Alkrete tank-linings across Canada since 1993. During a HydraStone tank inspection our technicians will inspect your tank, valves, tube bundle, anodes and all other parts related to your DHW tank. We check for leaks, corrosion, soft or flaking linings and will also perform pit depth measurements if required. After a tank inspection, we can identify problems and offer a number of solutions to correct them. In most cases, we can reline the interior of your tank in a single day. If the problems are more severe, tanks can generally be repaired with minor plumbing and weld work. As many tanks are simply too expensive to remove and replace, relining is often your best option; it’s cost-effective and, because we only use high quality materials, you can trust that it will last. 

“Out of sight, out of mind”, is a phrase that comes to mind when dealing with the preventative maintenance issues of your hot or cold-water storage tanks. I’m not talking about a run of the mill 60-Gal household unit, I mean the giants, 500Gal - 30,000Gal carbon-steel tanks with an entry access. Some of these tanks are large enough a person can comfortably walk around in. Fire water tanks are some of the largest. Often overlooked and under maintained, these giants of the boiler room eventually corrode away from the inside out leaving behind water damage from leaks and rusty-brown tap water. 

HydraStone is a North American manufacturer/distributor of high quality magnesium anodes rods and the "Alkrete" Potable Tank Lining material. We are proud to be able to say that we install more anodes and complete more tank linings/inspections than any other company in Canada / North America. HydraStone has several, full time crews available 24-7, completing several-hundred tank inspections per year. Bottom-line...you always save money when you buy direct from the manufacturer and no one else knows the product better.

In this business experience is key and each of our crews has a minimum of 7-years experience lining and inspecting tanks either on location or for the tank manufacturer. Our most experienced tank liner; nicknamed the "Forefather of Tank Lining") originally introduced this form of lining to Ontario and has been lining tanks since the early 60's. Now at over 74 years of age, although he no longer actively lines tanks, we can honestly say that virtually all tank liners in Canada, have in some way, been trained by him.

Since opening our doors in 1993, HydraStone Inc. has taken tank-lining to the next level, by introducing magnesium anodes and having our "Alkrete" tank lining product, with an already 40+ year history, tested & certified by CSA/NSF-61 for potable water applications.