Why Inspect My Tank?

To the untrained eye there may seem to be nothing to worry about by examining the tank exterior. Which leads to the question many ask, “Why fix what ain’t broke?”

Allow me to explain why. It’s what lies within the tank that is the real concern. The original, cementitious tank lining, over time will breakdown and expose the tank substrate to the corrosive elements found naturally in water. If the lining has been left unattended, more often than not you will find decaying, rusty sediment falling from corrosion barnacles and even stalagmites of crusted ore. This vision of a sunken Titanic is anything but pleasing to the eye and upon seeing this atrocity one could only wonder how safe this water is to drink or shower with. Domestic hot water tanks most often fall victim to neglect.

At HydraStone we don’t exactly talk to your tank, but we do get inside and look around. Think of it as a quick checkup. It’s nearly impossible to tell the condition of your tank from the outside so it‘s important that Domestic Hot Water Storage Tank Linings and Anodes be inspected on a regular basis. Before you know it, problems can go from bad to worse, producing costly results.

Thankfully, HydraStone offers a comprehensive program for preventative maintenance allowing the small problems to be resolved before larger problems result. Through scheduled checks, we’ll keep a close eye on the progression of your tank(s), and alert you of any problems – before they become serious. HydraStone’s Preventative maintenance program and Industrial Coatings can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs by simply relining the tank interior and replacing anodes before corrosion is irreparable. It’s the best way to keep repair costs low and the quality of your water high.

HydraStone’s objective is to ensure the long lasting life of your water storage tank by completing regular preventative maintenance inspections and cleanings. The average DHW storage tank should be inspected every 2-5 years.

HydraStone offers a 15-year warranty and preventative maintenance program on all DHW tank relinings. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars to replace your water tank when you can get a protective coating at 1/5 the cost?

HydraStone has been completing on-site tank inspections and Alkrete tank-linings across Canada since 1993. HydraStone is a North American manufacturer/distributor of high quality magnesium anodes rods and the "Alkrete" Potable Tank Lining material. We are proud to be able to say that we field install more anodes and complete more tank linings/inspections than any other company in Canada / North America. Bottom-line is... you always save when you deal directly with the manufacturer and no one else knows the product better.