Why Tanks Fail

Cement linings are the #1 choice lining material for DHW tanks however, over time they will start to deteriorate and begin to allow the corrosive elements, found naturally in water to begin corroding through your tanks wall. The length of time before your cement lining begins to fail will depend on many variables, such as; the amount of water usage, flow rate, chemical make-up of the city water, pH levels, type of cement lining installed, competence of the lining installer, temperature of water and whether your water is soft or hard all play a role in determining the life span of your cement mortar lining.

What we do is minimize the impact of a failing tank through regular inspection and light repairs. This way, we can effectively protect and extend the life of your tank for fractions of the cost to replace it.

We believe in lining tanks, not our pockets. Simply put, we identify problems and offer solutions. The best solutions. We’ve done a lot of jobs, and we know every product is different; but our commitment to integrity and service quality will always be the same. It’s our job to get to know your tank – so when we offer advice, you can trust our only agenda is fixing the problem. And that’s as far as our sales pitch goes. We won’t try to up-sell, down-sell or any kind of selling. With HydraStone, you choose how to proceed, and we do it.